Puration's entrance into the cannabis sector was founded on a patented cannabis extraction process.  The company's original business plan was to establish a reputation for delivering the highest quality cannabis extract available.  Management expected and still expects that consumer demand will grow for a variety of cannabis extracts to be infused in a variety of food and beverages.  Puration's original mission was to brand the company as the leading provider of cannabis extract such that consumers looked for the Puration name on their hemp oil salad dressing from Kraft, and their CBD infused beverage from Coca-Cola, and their THC infused cookies from Nabisco.  While management still believes such products are coming, they recognize now Puration's original mission was ahead of its time.  Accordingly, the company adapted its plan and launched into making its own cannabis infused food and beverage products.  The updated business plan is to focus on the cannabis infused beverage industry.  However, before revising the business plan, while still working to build the highest quality extraction process in the market place, Puration had initiated a project to expand its extraction process upstream into cannabis cultivation.  Having the best extracts depends not only on the extraction process itself, but also on the quality of the cannabis being extracted.  Puration has cultivation operations in the United States and Canada.  As part of the Puration's current focus on cannabis beverages, the company plans to spin-off its cannabis cultivation business.  The spin-off of the cannabis cultivation operation is not a discarding of excess weight, but rather a divide and conquer strategy. Standalone beverage and cultivation operations will be better situated to rapidly expand within their separate segments.  In addition to maintaining all their current shares in Puration, shareholders will receive shares in the cultivation spinoff. The spin off plan includes a dividend distribution of stock in the cultivation business to the shareholders of Puration.