Building on Puration's success with the introduction of it's EVERx CBD Infused Sports Water, the company is reorganizing to concentrate its efforts on the cannabis beverage industry.  The plan to concentrate on the cannabis beverage industry has been validated by global alcohol giant Constellation Brands' (Corona Beer, among others) recent $4 billion investment in Canopy Growth.  Puration has already launched an initiative to introduce a new THC infused beverage in Canada in conjunction with Canada's nationwide legalization of recreational marijuana schedule to go into effect on October 17th.  A formula for the beverage called THC Savor has already been developed and a distribution plan is already being built through Puration's recent acquisition of a Canadian cannabis business earlier this year.  Puration is implementing an acquisition campaign targeting other cannabis beverage operations as part of an overall strategy to accelerate an expansion of the company's portfolio of cannabis beverage brands.  The first cannabis beverage acquistion is well underway and could be completed before the end of 2018.

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