$3 Million Cannabis Extraction 1st Year Revenue Plan

  Executive Summary

Puration, Inc. has been working independently and with various partners to develop standardized and repeatable cannabis extraction processes to deliver consistent, high-quality concentrates for infusion into food and beverage consumer products for the recreational and wellness market segments.

While Puration anticipates marijuana legalization to progress, management anticipates ‘smoking’ limitations and restrictions to endure in light of the known health risks associated with smoking tobacco. 

Cannabis infused food and beverage products exist in the market today, but the quality and intensity of infused concentrates can be unpredictable. 

The packaging and marketing of ‘edibles’ is largely undeveloped market wide with many products packaged into plain envelopes, paper sacks and cardboard mailing tubes with low graphic quality sticker labels.  Basic retail merchandizing practices are virtually non-existent.  Advertising is limited primarily to homegrown social media campaigns.

Puration intends to build collaboration agreements to infuse Puration branded, high quality, consistent concentrates into select food and beverage consumer products.

  Strategic Overview

Puration’s success begins with a clear operational focus and equally clear sales and marketing focus. 

Extraction Operation

Through research and industry experience, various cannabis extracts have demonstrated a variety of effective pharmaceutical, wellness and recreational applications.  Puration has identified specific extracts applicable to targeted wellness and recreational applications and initiated development and production.  Puration will continue to bolster its capacity for delivering consistent high quality extracts by:

1.     Building and operating and continuously expanding in-house extraction facilities and

2.     Continuously improving its extraction process through independent research and experience, and through research and experience with select extraction partners.

Sales & Marketing

Puration will build a brand for quality and consistency of its extracts by

1.     Having a great product

2.     Represented by a professionally developed recognizable image

3.     Co-marketed with existing brand name food and beverage consumer products.

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  $3 Million Forecast

The Company has entered into negotiations with a number of food and beverage consumer product companies regarding collaborations to infuse a co-branded Puration extract.  The target sales objective of each collaboration agreement is $1 million dollars within the first year.  Puration anticipates three collaboration agreements to be finalized promptly.  The Company has more than three collaboration agreements currently under development.  If Puration enters into more than three collaboration agreements, management may refine its preliminary revenue forecast upward.